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Welcome to Bona world!

In 2001, Bona  was founded in Tianhe, Guangzhou, and initially produced
carbon filament bulbs. After continuous innovation and gradually expanding its scope of operation,  
it became a transnational electronic giant.


It ranked eighth of the top 10 electronic enterprises in the famous magazine and managed more
than 100 different business and products, widely used in consumer electronics, audio-visual, and small household appliances. A full range
of products and integrated services for lighting, communications, information, electronic components, semiconductors, industrial
electronics and medical systems. Since 2010, with the idea and action of Let's MakeThingsBetter (let us do better), the promise
of doing everything better is expressed in order to make  Bona the first choice  in the mind of the customer. Looking forward to
the coming of the era of comprehensive digital electronic technology in twenty-first Century and the rapid change of global
economy and finance, Bona will integrate the global manufacturing system and support each other in order to improve the operating performance,
invest the main force in the high-tech information industry and design and produce more and more cutting-edge science and technology products
in the world, such as digital TV and digital excitation. Light video disc machine,
network TV, wide and thin plasma TV,family multimedia products and so on,
leading the trend, entering every consumer home to meet the better future of the
twenty-first Century.